Zinc trays

Charming zinc trays.

The trays are available in both black and silver, with high or low edges and in a host of different shapes.

They can be used both indoors and out, where they make any store’s flower display look great, and easy to water. 

​Triagle Low


Set of 5

67x34x4 cm - 53x27x4 cm - 39x19x4cm - 24x12x4 cm

​Semicircular Low

Set of 3
50x25x4 cm - 32x16x4 cm - 40x20x4 cm

Round Low

Set of 5
50x4 cm - 42x4 cm - 32x4 cm - 26x4 cm - 19x4 cm

Rectangular Low (coming soon)

Set of 3
60x30x4 cm - 50x22x4 cm - 40x17x4 cm

​Rectangular High

Set of 3
60x30x8 cm - 50x22x8 cm - 40x17x8 cm

Oval Low

Set of 3
70x33x4 cm - 55x27x4 cm - 40x20x4 cm

Square Low

Set of 4
48x48x4 cm - 38x38x4 cm - 28x28x4 cm - 18x18x4

Square High

Set of 4
48x48x8 cm - 38x38x8 cm - 28x28x8 cm - 18x18x8 cm

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