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Watering trays of zinc

Zinc trays for flower and plants

At W.E.T. By Pot Olé ApS we have a wide selection of watering trays of zinc and zinc trays for flower planting.
​Our products are exclusively sold as wholesale. Our customers are for instance supermarkets, garden centres, plant nurseries, and florists.
​We have customers all over Denmark, including Jutland, Funen, and Zealand.

W.E.T. watering trays - Watering Easy Trays

With our W.E.T. watering trays you will no longer need the traditional plastic trays. This will help to make storage of your flowers and plants more pleasing to the eye as well as easier to water. It is both quicker, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. 

Save water, minimise time used and get less wilted plants

We have developed a unique successful product, which originally was developed for CC containers, euro pallets and the like. By switching to our watering trays you can 

  • Reduce your water usage by 90%
  • Reduce your time spent by 90%
  • Achieve 25% less wilted plants

We have a wide selection of trays in hot-dip galvanised zinc

After the watering trays huge success, we have chosen to expand our selection with more rustic, practical, and beautiful zinc trays. They make it cheaper, quicker, and easier to water your plants whether it be a few plants or several square meters. 

Choose between different colours, shapes, and sizes

We offer zinc trays in both black and silver; with either a high or low rim; as well as in many various shapes. Choose between square, triangular or oval trays. 

​The charming trays of zinc can be used both for indoor and outdoor use, where they will complete the look for any floral display whilst making it easier to water the plants. 

​You are welcome to make an inquiry through our contact form if you have any questions regarding the price of our products.

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