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Other designs

Balcony garden

A garden on a balcony.

Other designs by W.E.T. make it possible to display and store a lot of plants, herbs and flowers in the space of just few square metres.

The idea behind this model arose along with the growing interest in plants. However, there was not always space for it in small shops and in private homes with small gardens and balconies.

Balcony Garden is both for companies looking to have a nice little display in their store, and for private users who want space to grow plants, herbs, etc. on their balcony.

Its five shelves allow you to arrange plants, flowers or herbs exactly as you wish. It can also be used for sowing seeds and cuttings if “seed pots” are used on one or more of the shelves.

By virtue of its high quality, attractive design and robustness, it can stand on the balcony or in the garden all year round, and it can be used year after year. If it gets really cold, the watering trays on the shelves can be removed and placed on the windowsill, and the stand can then be folded up and put away until spring comes.


​151 cm. x 63 cm. x 19 cm.

Weight: 12 kg.


The stand comes with five watering trays, two empty trays, two trays with six buckets and a tray with 30 seed pots.​

Buckets & trays without a stand

Turning Display - the carousel on wheels

This model makes it possible to display an array of different flowers and plants in the space of just a few square metres.

Turning display is a stand on wheels with five levels of watering trays.

The shelves are designed for our std. 4 watering tray. It has space for 10 trays in total.

Adjustable shelves.

W.E.T. Planters

These planters can be used as raised beds in the garden for plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and much more besides.

They are 100% watertight and made of hot-dipped galvanised zinc, making them rustproof.

The design and appearance of the planters is simple and stylish.

However, they can also be used as inserts if, for example, you wish to build bricks around them for a more rustic look. ​​

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