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Small terracotta pots in the highest quality

Wholesale of the popular flower pot

At W.E.T. By Pot Olé ApS we offer wholesale of our popular, small, handmade terracotta pots, which fit into any setting. We deliver our flower pots to florists, plant nurseries, garden centres, and other similar companies in Zealand, Funen, and Jutland. Besides this we offer wholesale for companies in Scandinavia and several areas of Europe.

We are the leading edge when it comes to antique and unique terracotta pots

We are the leading edge when it comes to the sale of antique and unique terracotta pots. They are all frost proof and handmade to ensure the desired natural, rustic, and romantic look, which is exactly what makes these flower pots highly coveted in most of the world. 

We have a wide selection
​in both size and shape

We have a wide selection of the popular and beautiful small terracotta pots. They are all frost proofed, and can thereby be for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Our selection consists of many flower pots in many different small sizes and shapes, so you can pick exactly the size and shape you wish for your project. The pots come in the following colours: 

  • Brown
  • Nature
  • Pastel
  • Harvest

You can find a full overview of our selection by clicking here.

We also sell large terracotta pots for your every need

We do not merely sell small terracotta pots, but also bigger sizes for a great price. These large Vietnamese and French inspired flower pots are naturally frost proofed and handmade too, and they are a big part of our business. 

You can read more about them by clicking here.

Contact us to order and receive our catalogue and price list

If you wish to receive our catalogue with the full overview of our terracotta pot selection as well as our prices, then please contact us via our contact form. We also sell terracotta pots.

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